Journalist, author, editor

 This is your portal to a professional

* reporter

* investigative journalist

* (web)editor

* author and/or editor for educational text books, non-fiction works and/or encyclopaedias

* correspondent for international media 

* lecturer

Rachel Levy is skilled with

* traditional and online media

* Dutch and international

* print, radio and (international) press agencies

* non-governmental organisations

* commercial writing

* teaching youth, students and adults

Contact Rachel Levy to cover your story and/or deliver a lecture, particularly on 

* society, politics, economics and culture in the Netherlands, Belgium as well as the Middle East, in particular Israel

* international criminal law, i.e. the various international tribunals and courts in The Hague

* international private law, among others the Hague Conference on Private International Law

* international legal aspects of romance, divorce and child custody in a globalized world

* Jewish Affairs and Judaism

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